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PC Accessories » Mousepads » FadeCase   Mousepad - Complexity

FadeCase Mousepad - Complexity

FadeCase Mousepad - Complexity

Skins get real! FadeCase brings the next generation of mouse pads with your favorite skin. The pad is crafted to perfection with very durable, extremely tense, flexible and smooth cloth for maximum precision, accuracy and stability.

The surface is optimized from a thermally treated micro-textured cloth to enhance the tracking for all next-generation gaming mice. Therefore the pad fit all type of gamers and makes you a winner!

* Anti - slippery rubber base
* Easily perform high skill moves such as 360 no scope.
* Optimized for First person shooters (FPS)
* Good for people with low sense or multiple screens because of its size

Every mouse pads from FadeCase are washable in machine at 30º! Initial water temperature should not exceed 30C or 65 to 85F. The mouse pads should never be smoothed or finished with an iron or using a machine dryer.

  • Brand FadeCase
  • Article no.9387
  • Delivery 1-2 Days
  • Specifications of mouse pads
  • Size
  • Width (mm) 460
  • Depth (mm) 400
  • Thickness (mm) 4
  • Properties
  • Material Cloth
  • Print Yes
  • Wrist Support No
  • Stitched Edges Yes
  • Lighting No

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